We fell in love with the community of Goderich in 2009. We always had a plan to open a winery and as luck would have it, an initiative to bring grapes back to Huron County had been started years before and small things like investigating the micro-climate and test plots had already been completed. We decided to plant roots in Huron County.

After three years of trying to find the right property, the perfect location presented itself: 45 acres with 3 buildings that could work as a home, storage and retail. The property was in desperate need of being cleared, as it had been left fallow for the past 30 years. Weeds, Sumac and large trees had taken over. After spending the first two summers fighting back nature, it was ready for planting. In 2016, 5 different variety of vines: Cabernet Franc, Baco Noir, Vidal, Chardonnay and Riesling were planted.

In the fall of 2017 we began construction of our winery, and as of March 2017 the manufacturing side of the winery was completed. It is our hope to add to the Huron County tourist industry by bringing a new (but also old) industry back to the shores of Western Ontario.

Our mission is to be as true to the community, both local and provincially, as possible. This begins with a buy local mentality and a drive to give back to the community that is supporting us.

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